Past Events
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Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo
Matsubayashi-Ryu New Zealand
Okinawa Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo

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Past Events
2001 - 2013
" Karate training takes devotees along the path of self-development "       
Shoshin Nagamine
Past Events
Important and interesting events in the life of the Okinawa Shorin Ryu New Zealand Club. Matsubayashi-ryu Karate and Kobudo.
 Okinawa visit  " Gateway to Okinawa  seminars...featured many of Okinawa's most prominent masters... "
 Soke Nakamoto visit  " Allowing the opportunity ... to support and promote the spirit, friendship and common bond that is Okinawan budo."
 Haisai Uchina  " ... training at Kodokan Taira dojo with newly elected President of the WMKA ..."
 Kiwis in Taree  " Training over the next few days with Soke Nagamine..."
 Matsubayashi Ryu Celebrations, Naha, Okinawa. Part one " Meeting and greeting familiar and new faces at Taira dojo ..."
Matsubayashi Ryu Celebrations, Naha, Okinawa. Part Two "...the opportunity to celebrate Matsubayashi Ryu at such a unique  occasion..."
Soke Nagamine Seminar, Australia  " ...Soke's english translations proved most valuable."
Haisai Okinawa " Taking part in kihon and kata with over 300 students was amazing..."
Okinawa Visit  "Celebrating his eleventh visit to Okinawa..."
Taira Dojo Visit  "...Just as important was the opportunity to catch up with our friends of Kodokan Taira dojo..."
Urasoe Karatedo Federation Anniversary  "Many Okinawan Ryuha were represented at the celebrations..."
Shoshin Nagamine Tomb Visit  "This was an unforgettable experience for the New Zealanders..."        
Matsumora Kosaku Monument Visit  "...the monument to honour Matsumora Kosaku's life was erected in Tomari Arayashiki Park..."        
Kancho Yoshitaka Taira 1st Visit to New Zealand  "...Taira san's rokushaku bo seminars were extremely popular..."        
Okinawa Karatedo and kobudo World Tournament  " Highlights for the kiwi trio were, performing kata..."
Shurijo Castle Festival.  "Shihan Plaisted and Tim Herlihy joined the Taira dojo team..."
Grand Master Shoshin Nagamine Memorial Celebrations.  "Shihan Kevin,Tim and Bill demonstrated as a New Zealand team..."        
Okinawa Visit.  "...the Kiwis lost much sweat but gained a better understanding and appreciation of "koshi"..."        
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