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On Sunday 14 December Okinawa Shorin Ryu NZ held its final grading for 2008 at the Helensville dojo.

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A beaming Jake Clayton accepted the Paul Williams Memorial Trophy from the family of Paul 0n 6 November at the Helensville dojo.
Jake, though a very new junior, has been inspirational in his attitude and determination in his training. Jake's commitment and hunger to learn made him a deserving recipient of the trophy.
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In Auckland learning english is Risa and her brother Yushi.They are the son and daughter of Manabu san who is a senior member of Taira karate dojo in Urasoe city Okinawa. On Wednesday 22 October the pair visited our hombu dojo. Yushi, a keen martial artist, enjoyed some training with dojo members.
Yushi and Risa are pictured with Shihan Plaisted and Herlihy sensei  and with members of the dojo.

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In September Shihan Plaisted returned to Okinawa with Herlihy Sensei. see 2008 Haisai Okinawa
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Outside the Okinawa Prefectural Museum & Art Museum
The late Mr Shinjo.
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Part of the Full Moon Festival demonstration
From L. Shihandai Higa, Sensei Tim, Kancho Taira, Shihan Plaisted
Wednesday 2nd July Megan Arden under went a rigorous session at our Hombu dojo.
Megan was graded to 2nd dan nidan.
Congratulations Megan.
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Sensei Timothy Herlihy lays a wreath at the Helensville ANZAC Day commemoration
On the 8th March Helensville's community service organisations organised the "Kids Big Day Out" to help inform parents and children what is available for them in the area. There were stalls inside the local hall and activities outside as well. First up on the stage was the Okinawa Shorin Ryu Helensville dojo. The team demonstrated various aspects of our style including kihon, conditioning, kata and kobudo. It was well received.
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Matsubayashi Ryu New Zealand Copyright 2006
Matsubayashi Ryu New Zealand Copyright 2006